Never Run Out of Juice with this Portable Cell Phone Charger!

This 10,200mAh Portable Phone Charger is Small Enough to take with You Everywhere!

  • High Capacity 10,200mAh

  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Convenient Built in Cable

  • Great for Emergencies

The Built in Charging Cable Makes it Truly Portable - Just Grab MoJuice and Go!

Charge Smartphones
with built in cable

Charge iPhones, iPads
and tablets with USB port

Charge two devices
and the same time

Recharge easily with
USB charger or PC USB port

Have the Confidence to Stay Juiced Up Longer with this Mobile Phone Charger

Imagine staying on the go all day long and not worrying if your phone has enough charge to last until you get back to the office or back home. The MoJuice external battery charger is the perfect solution to your dying battery. With 10,200mAh this portable battery pack has more than enough juice to keep you going for extended times away from a wall outlet.

The Built in Micro USB Cable means you can leave your charging cable at home because the MoJuice Power Banks built in cable fits snugly into the side of the portable charger case. The cable easily detaches and has a micro USB connector that fits most Android smartphones and mobile devices.  iPhone, iPad and tablet users simply need to use your original charging cable or MFi certified cable and plug into the USB port instead.

The MoJuice Power Bank is powerful enough to charge two devices at the same time. Attach one device to the built in micro USB cable and attach another device to the USB port using a separate cable. It's that easy!

And this portable phone charger is smart too.  Intelligent Circuitry is built in so the USB port automatically detects your devices needs and will output up to 2.4A maximum.

MoJuice has a Slim Size and Comfortable Grip - Take a Closer Look

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This is one Portable Cell Phone Charger that Easily fits into your Pocket or Bag

And MoJuice Power Bank is compatible with Android Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and most mobile devices

So, Don't Ever Get Stranded with a Dead or Dying Cell Phone Battery Again...

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